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Hi, this is David of ‘A’ Grade Instructor Training. If you are thinking of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), wishing to develop your skills as an ADI or requiring help with a future Standards check then ‘A’ Grade Instructor Training can help.

I take a client centred approach with my training which means your training needs and learning styles will be taken into account and a training programme will be designed around what you need to not only pass the relevant exams (parts 1,2 & 3) but to become a successful instructor in a competitive environment. Training will also if needed will also include business development, which is of upmost importance.

As Part of my training package, I offer an 80-page training logbook, video & audio recordings of your training session to assist you in self-reflection and all the essential reading materials like Practical Teaching Skills for Driving Instructors.

My qualifications include the BTEC level 4 in Coaching in Driver Development and the Tri- Coaching Trainer the Trainer course, used to help people become driving instructors.

Feel free to look at the rest of my website and contact me either on 07939627493 or Email me here.

What My Customers Say?

David’s extensive experience of teaching so many learners over the years was a great asset in helping me with my Part 2 exam. He worked with a high standard to help me as a PDI to pass my Part 2. His friendly and client centred approach is admirable” Suleman Javed

A Passion To Help Others

David’s passion to help others and going the extra mile approach besides all the professional knowledge and experience was very significant in helping me passing my part 3. David remained focused on my needs and his coaching skills were also a key for me to unlock my ADI qualification. He is very resourceful as well. I am ever so grateful to David.

Benefit & Features Of Being An Driving Instructor


Being an self employed independent driving instructor allows you to work the hours you want too, set the prices you want , make any decisions you see necessary to improve your business or myself and allow you to diversify into different area of the driver trainer industry.


This allows you to be your own boss and not to be dependent on others decisions which may not be in your best interests. Also you can pick the areas if want too or not want to work. Also you pick the vehicle you want to train and the equipment you use.


Being an independent instructor can be financially rewarding when you built an continuous and amble pupil supply. Work smarter not harder. Create a good reputation and you will get people to ring you and want to book lessons.


One of the best things about this job is seeing the pleasure in your pupils face when they pass their driving test. Also you see the satisfaction of growing your own driving school to the point of taking on additional driving instructors or training new ones.


To qualify and to survive as a driving instructor you must develop trust and confidence within your pupils to allow them to learn safe driving for life. With continuous professional development you can do this. With you own self directed development you can do this.

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I have been an ADI, for over 19 years, have numerous training qualifications
which include ROSPA National Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction, BTEC
Level 4 in Coaching for Driver Development.

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