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What I can do to help you!

The most important part of you becoming a driving instructor is how I can adapt to help you. You are an individual, with your own desires, needs and requirements. I will take this into account when I train you.

To help you in your quest to becoming a driving instructor, you will be mentored with an elevated level of knowledge and experience, by somebody who cares about you.


The Benefits of Becoming a Driving Instructor

Be Your Own Boss

Make your own decisions. Decide for yourself how you want to manage your own business!

Job Satisfaction

Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your pupils pass their test. Get recognised for your good work directly from customers.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Set your own rate of pay per hour to whatever level you want. Work as many hours of overtime as you see fit.

Job Security

People will always want to learn to drive. If you get good at being an instructor, you will get a constant source of recommendations from pupils who want lessons from you.

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Learn More About the Training Process

Homepage - Part One

Part One

This is your first examination. To successfully pass the ADI part 1, you will have to score 85 out of 100 and score a total of 20 out of 25 in each of the 4 categories of questions. You also have to score at least 57 points out of 75 on the hazard perception test.


Homepage - Part Two

Part Two

To successfully pass the ADI part 2, you will have to drive for about one hour. This test will include an eyesight check, show me and tell me vehicle safety questions, general driving, manoeuvres and independent driving. 



Homepage - Part Three

Part Three

To pass the ADI part 3 test you must take a pupil and conduct a normal driving lesson, with an examiner watching. The instructional ability test is of a high standard, and you must achieve a score of at least 31 out of 51 to pass and not get a score of 7 or less in ‘risk management’ or make the examiner stop the lesson.


What my clients say…

Here is a sample of reviews from clients who have trained to become driving instructors.


Had an SC mock test with Dave, it was a really good experience. Done the marking and showed how I can score high marks. Feedback was good and very detailed, also emailed later on that day about how to structure and improve and get a higher score. Definitely recommend Dave for ADI training.

Mustafa Ali Khan


I had my PDI training from David. He was very professional and straight to the point, highly recommended as o managed to score an A with David’s teachings. Thankyou

S Afzal


Driving instructing training for PDI, with David has been amazing. He's very professional and thorough..I am glad I have had my PDI training with David as I could not have asked for anyone better. His teaching methods were very professional and always gave honest feedback with examples and suggestions.

Mohammad Iqbal


David is a very knowledgeable person and is an excellent trainer. 100% go to person for training.

Neil Coates


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