#12 “Were opportunities and examples used to clarify learning outcomes”?

Ok, my interpretation of this is as follows, we should be linking back to what our pupils have done in the past to move from the known to the unknown. For example, you pupil on a previous lesson as completed a reverse parallel park successfully with excellent accurately, control and observation. We should link this back to the future where your pupil as to learn how to complete a bay reverse park. The aspects of observation and control are both needed on a bay reverse, so you remind your pupil of these when discussing with them on how to complete a bay reverse.
Also, another good example would be standing near a roundabout, if your pupil is having problems emerging at them to see how other drivers emerge at them to help them decide for themselves.
Also, you can comment to your pupil, when another driver doesn’t signal at a roundabout and the effect it as on them or other road users. If you pupil doesn’t signal right at roundabouts themselves, you can link to what the other driver did earlier on to see how it affected them or other road users