#13, “Was technical information given comprehensive, appropriate and accurate”?

Ok, my interpretation of this competency would the information that you give you pupil must be backed up by the relevant publications like the Highway-code, Driving the Essential Skills or Know your Traffic Signs.
For example, your pupil asks, “I don’t know the speed limit of this road”? Your answer should be you need to look for streetlights and signs. Streetlights with no signs means 30mph, unless signs state otherwise would be correct answer. However, unnecessarily, and constantly giving information out that is poorly timed or is not relevant is going to distract your pupil and they probably would forget it all, especially if they don’t find it useful.
Also giving out, wrong technical information can be potential dangerous or could cause your pupil to do something Illegal. For example, telling your pupil that they don’t have to worry about vehicles approaching from the left or right when the traffic lights that change to red when waiting in the middle of a crossroads. I was told this by the person who trained me to be an ADI, it nearly led to me having a potentially dangerous collision a few years later. By telling your pupils that you can stop over a stop line at a red traffic light will cause them to break the law.
As ADIs we need to know our stuff and it’s always worth up-dating ourselves with new technology, rule changes and how to use things like speed limiters or cruise control so we tell our pupils how to use it, especially if asked by them or it can help them to know how to use it.
Whilst having a coaching conversation with our pupils, you may have to give out technical information to allow your pupil to achieve their learning outcomes.