How to Adapt a driving lesson for success

[EVENT] How to Adapt A Driving Lesson for Success

I am excited to be sharing with you my upcoming event on Tuesday 24th October 2023 live on Zoom. Book your place here.

Find out when and to how avoid this!Whether you are a newly qualified ADI or have been working in the industry for many years, I believe, there is always something new to learn to help you help your pupils. As a part of your CPD, join me for this exclusive event where I will be talking you through the key points to adapt your driving lessons for success.

Over the years, I have found that adapting my training methods has been a crucial part of my development, which in turn, has made a positive impact of the success of my pupils. Throughout this time, I have discovered many different methods that have helped me and now is the time for me to share these with you.

What is covered in this exclusive event?

– Ways in which make your driving lessons a success.
– Why your driving lessons are not successful
– Techniques that will not only benefit yourself but also your pupils
+ lots more to take away

Book your place here.