It a good idea to take a full license holder( FLH) on a ADI Part 3 or standards check?

Is it a good idea to take a full license holder to an ADI Part3 or standards check?
Well, these are the two arguments for it or against it.
Against it- If you are a trainee driving instructor with limited experience you probably won’t a high enough level of driving competence in comparison to the full licence holder. This means you wouldn’t be able to identify many or significant areas that require improvement, especially if the full licence driving is a very high standard. This is why the ADI Part 2 needs to be of a higher standard to pass. Also, on the other end of the scale, the full licence holders as far too many ingrained habits that the full licence might be unwilling to change or take more than 45 mins of effort or coaching skills to correct. Remember you have only got 45mins in an ADI Part 3 or standards check.
Also, you may of not build up enough rapport or trust with a full license holder you may not of know them very well and find what motivates them or how they learn best. Or you may know them too well and the lesson may not be done professionally with two friends in the car, not focusing on competencies of a great driving lesson.
For it- if most of your clientele are full licence holders then this may work in your advantage as you have experience in improving their driving. If you are involved in fleet driver training, this is where you are training full holders to reduce their risk of crashing or reducing their fuel consumption, etc.
Also, if you involved with training people to become class 1 police drivers, ambulance, or fire engine drivers.
With this type of training your existing standards of driving must of very high standard so you can improve the driving of a full licence holder to a standard in par with your own.