National Rider Standards- Fifth section of the standard

Hi, this is my last and the most important article on the national standards. It’s continuous professional development or CPD. Ok, let’s explain the fifth section of the standard which is called,” Evaluate and develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in the driver/rider training industry”.
This unit is about evaluating your own performance against the established and evolving requirements of your role, identifying where there are opportunities for improvement and taking action to respond to those opportunities.
It is recognised that many organisations will have a formal personal development process in place with which an employed instructor will be expected to comply. However, beyond this requirement, any competent instructor should be able to demonstrate that they are actively involved in maintaining and continuously improving their skills, knowledge and understanding whether they are employed or self-employed.
To do this we should or must:
1/ To be able to self-identify any areas of development and evaluate your own performance against the 17 competencies of an ADI Part 3 or standards check.
2/ To able to evaluate your terms and conditions and business practices that affect your business or reputation within the training industry.
3/ To keep yourself up-dated on changes within the industry. For example, being aware of in- car vehicle technology and teaching techniques that improve learning.
4/ To use all feedback when either being trained or formally assessed on examinations or to monitor your pupils practical test performances. This can be used to identify any training needs that you have.
5/ Record any training that you have undertaken in either a reflective log or an action plan to assess what you have learned and how you can assess & evaluate its effectiveness.