Potential Changes to ADI Part 2 Driving Examination

HI, there are possible changes to the ADI Part 2 Driving Examination on the horizon. Currently the driving part of the qualification process to become an approved driving instructor lasts about 1 hour, with two reversing manoeuvres, 5 tell questions at the start and two show me questions whilst on the move and a section of independent driving for 20 mins by either following directions from a sat or nav or following direction signs. The roads used are generally faster roads when your normal L-Test routes.

The current pass rate for this test is 59%. Possible changes include commentary driving. I am strong believer that a candidate taking be able to talk themselves situations as they will need to do this with a learner driver when they become a driving instructor.

Also the DVSA are thinking about, changes to the show me questions as these are considered to be too basic and need to up-dates with improvements with vehicle technology.