The 17 Sub Competences of the Standards Check or ADI Part 3

The Second Of The 17 Competencies of a ADI Part3 / Standards check

This is my second instalment on the 17 sub competencies of the Standards Check/ ADI Part 3. This week, I am going to cover the competency, “Was the agreed lesson structure appropriate for the pupil’s experience and ability”.

This means the lesson structure should allow the pupil to progress at a manageable rate. You should be stretching them, but not overwhelming them.
One example of this would be if your pupil has concerns or problems whilst trying to emerge at T-junctions, it wouldn’t be wise to set an objective of emerging at busy roundabouts as your pupil would most probably suffer from anxiety which is one of the largest barriers to learning.

Another example would be if your pupil was at the trained level, and you are guiding them all the time. At the trained level, your pupil should be making most decisions for themselves. You should be asking questions that help your pupil to make the decision for themselves or allow them to have a go themselves and reflect on how it went.
One final important point is that your pupil agrees with the plan of how you are going to get them to learn. Remember, your lessons need to be client-centred, so you plan needs to fit your pupils’ needs and learning style.

The sub competency of “was the agreed lesson structure appropriate for the pupil’s experience and ability?” is also affected by other sub competencies of the Standards Check.
For example, if you didn’t watch your pupil at critical times, you wouldn’t be scored very highly on “Was the trainer aware of the surroundings and the pupil’s actions”?
If you don’t observe your pupils’ actions, how can you see what they are doing wrong and hence set the relevant needs or goals? Hence, if the goals are not correct, how can the structure be correct!

Also, the sub competency of “Was the teaching style suited to the pupil’s learning style and current ability” will affect lesson planning. As if your teaching method or level of instruction doesn’t match, how can the structure be correct?

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