The 17 Sub Competences of the Standards Check or ADI Part 3

Third Instalment of the 17 Sub Competences of a ADI Part 3 / Standards Check

Hi, this is my third Instalment on the 17 sub competences of a standards check/ ADI Part 3. Today I am going to talk about,” Were the training area or routes suitable”, under the title of lesson planning.

My interpretation of this would be the area or route should allow the pupil to practice safety to achieve their goal (Remember this is first sub competence of a standards check). As stated last week, you should stretch your pupil, but not be overwhelming them. An example of this would be teaching parallel park for the first time on a high street in rush hour or a complex junction, when you pupil is still struggling with any aspect of the MSPSL routine on a basic junction.

Also, the practice area should provide the types of situations that are required to achieve their goal. Like using pedestrian crossing if the goal is to anticipate pedestrians at zebra crossings.

The route you use, should if needed, be repeated to confirm if learning is taking place, but with the option of either decreasing or increasing difficultly should your pupil find the goal too hard or too easy.

Finally, the route shouldn’t get your pupil to sit stationary at long periods at road works, etc as the time is not being well spend. I was approached by a trainee instructor who had unsuccessfully completed an ADI part 3 in an area he didn’t know with pupil he had never met green before. A recipe for disaster!

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