The 17 Sub Competences of the Standards Check or ADI Part 3

Were Directions and Instructions Given to the Pupil Clearly and in Good Time?

Hi, this is my sixth instalment on the 17 sub competences of the standards check or ADI part 3. Today I am going to talk about,” Were directions and instructions given to the pupil clearly and given in good time”? Under the heading of risk management.

My Interpretation of this sub competency is as follows. Did you direct your pupil using the ADI system of directions. The DVSA use this system to direct candidates on practical tests. ADI stands for A-Alert, D-Direct & I- Inform (not always used). An example of this would be, “At the end of the road (Alert), turn left(direct)”. Another example would be, “I want you (Alert), to take the next road on the right(direct)”. One final example would be “At the roundabout (Alert), turn right(direct), it’s your third exit signposted Wolverhampton(inform)”.
When giving directions and instructions always consider the ability and experience of the pupil as beginners will take to process and act on what you see. If you are too late or unclear it can be potential too dangerous and probably you would end up using the dual controls too often leading your pupil to lose confidence and hence motivation.
Remember want might appear clear instructions to you, might not be clear to others. Avoid, sentences which start with the word, stop as your pupil could just suddenly break with unpredictable consequences.

A good instructor needs a good script, just like a good actor does. So, it’s it a good idea to practice common instructions and record them on a voice recorder, so you can reflect back on them to see what they sound like. Gently brake to wait behind the give-way line” & “Position towards the centre line” are two examples.

Best practice with instructions is to keep them short and simple(Kiss), try not to bombard your pupil with too many instructions as they will become overwhelmed, only focus on what they did help with, not what they are already doing well. If you would like to discuss becoming a driving instructor, get in touch with me today here.